Testreihe I-VI

interactive mixed-media-installations, 2015

interactive mixed-media-installations, 2015

Testreihe is a series of interactive installations. This work refers to so-called test pictures of different provenance (for example from textbooks on photography and from the Internet). Every work is a work of art and a photo set at the same time. Visitors of the exhibition can take photos of themselves in the single installations. The act of photographing is thus consciously experienced in the context of an exhibition or museum. Implicit and explicit rules of the exhibiting house regarding an exhibition exhibit and a visit to the museum are being questioned. Expectations and ideas of visitors regarding the work itself, its contents and the exhibition space itself, are discussed as well.

The term test image refers here to photographic images that are used explicitly to measure the image quality of lenses and cameras and to support the user in image adjustment and troubleshooting.

Exhibited at
Croxhapox, Ghent, 2015.
Bozar, Brussels, 2015.
Roeselare, 2015.
BLMK, Frankfurt/Oder, 2018.
Braunschweig University of Arts, 2019.
Out of Sight, Antwerp, 2021.

The publication Schneiden – Falten – Kleben relates to Testreihe IV.