Das Objekt

DAS OBJEKT is a critical and subjectiv reflection on images and icons used in photo technique books to explain optical laws in relation to the lens to amateur photographers throughout the 20ies century. All selected images are part of books published in Germany (Weimar Republic, BRD, GDR,…) between 1928 and 2003.
The exhibition is installed side-related and evolves through the participation of its visitors. The exhibition will come into being throughout the exhibition periode. After the exhibition has ended, the exhibited set of images, enriched in meaning through the interaction with the visitors, will stay with the institution, which has shown the work. This set of images will mainly be displayes whithin the German language area.

The artist publication DAS OBJEKT (2019) relates to this work.

Exhibited at
Warte für Kunst, Kassel, 2016 (vol.1)
GEDOK Brandenburg, Rangsdorf, 2020 (vol.2)
lAbiRynT Festival, BLMK, Frankfurt/O., 2021 (vol.3)