2 silkscreen prints, framed, 78 x 113 cm, a pile of 80 silkscreen prints, 75 x 110 cm on a pallet, 2014

I developed this work during my residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium. My point of departure are images which were part of a frame I bought. As a selection these place-holder images can be read as a representation of the ideal family life in the Western World (which you get for free buying this frame). By reprinting this work I tried to produce a silk screen print that embodies the idea of a perfect world.
On the second silk screen print grey surfaces form a adequate passe-partout for the place-holder images. The form of this work refers to confining aspects of framed images like cadrage, framing and also various preprogrammed automatics of today‘s photo cameras. The chosen color refers to the so-called ‚Kodak Grey‘, a tone Kodak employees determined by analyzing the brightness of thousand and thousand of amateur photographs. Nowadays all photographic cameras are calibrated on this specific tone as the point of reference for exposure.

Exhibited at
Warande, Turnhout, 2014.
Bielefelder Kunstverein, 2015.
Cookie Butcher, Antwerp, 2016.
GEDOK Brandenburg, Rangsdorf, 2020.